Sri Sri Sri Chandrashekarendra Saraswathi Maha Swamigal!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Maha Periyava as Allah!!!

ShrIPeriyavAL was camping in the pumping station of the A.C.C.Cement Factory, on the banks of the KAgna river, in Hyderabad. That pradesham(region), belonged to the Old Hyderabad SamasthAnam. Now it is a part of the KarnATakA state.
At a kilometer distance from that place, is the garden of a man named BhImasEnappA KiTTappA. He was the one who opposed the atrocities on the Razaks during the rule of the Nawab and won the battle. Accepting his wishes that PeriyavAL should visit his place, the sage went there one day.
In the time of mAdhyAnikam(noon), a Muslim devotee came for darshan. When shrIPeriyavAL told him, “Your wife came in the morning with fruits and had darshan”, he was surprised and said: “I am working in a shop. When I walked this morning holding the rickshaw, BAbA–your holiness, had a look at me. I had a feeling of seeing Allah in person. Further it seemed to me that you said something in Urdu, my mother tongue. I could come only now, after my work is over. At home, my wife told me of her having darshan.”
The sage gave him fruits and did anugraham, when the devotee thus spoke to him and prostrated. It is not surprising that MahA-PeriyavAL who is ellAvum(everything), not giving darshan as Allah.