Sri Sri Sri Chandrashekarendra Saraswathi Maha Swamigal!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Power of Panchakshara!!!

Smt Mangaiyarkarasi, a Tamil Professor, was speaking on the glory of Sakti Panchakshari MahaMantram to a big audience somewhere that was telecast last week in Vijay TV.
She was mentioning about Appar (Tirunavukkarasar) Swamigal’s absolute faith in the efficacy of ‘NamaSivaya’ which came to his rescue to float him on the waters. You may recall this happened when the Jain King sought to punish him by tying him on a big stone and throwing him in the deep water to make sure he would drown.
She recalled a comparatively recent event from our Maha Periyava’s life. A few devotees built a temple for Lord Siva somewhere in Andhra. When they tried to carry the sculpted Linga made of stone to the sanctum,they could not move IT even an inch. Anxiety writ large on their faces,they came to report the matter to Maha Periyava. After a few minutes’ pause, Maha Periyava. asked them to bring one Sri Vaidyanatha Sastri from somewhere near Trichy. Maha Periyava whispered something into his ears and advised the Andhra devotees to take him along with them to their town.
On reaching their place, Sri Sastrigal was doing Japa for hours together after his daily anushtanams. The devotees were perplexed as they expected this Sastrigal to advise them something useful to allay their predicament. Nonetheless, they
just kept and did not disturb Sri Sastrigal.
On the 21st day of his stay there, after his Japa, Sri Sastrigal asked them to shift the Lingam. Lo ! They were able to do it in no time!
They told Sri Sastrigal that the Lingam which earlier weighed so much not allowing them to move IT by even an inch was now like a mass of cotton, so light and easy to move.
They requested him to explain the miracle to them. Sri Sastrigal told them he too did not know,except that Maha Periyava asked him to do the Panchakshara Japam for 21days devotedly,sitting in front of that Lingam, -that’s all!
Prof Mangaiyarkarasi said Maha Periyava with His Tapomahima could demonstrate in the 20th Century what Appar Swamigal did centuries ago to prove the efficacy of Siva Panchaksharam!